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Common problems to avoid with a Brisbane catering function

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Common problems to avoid with a Brisbane catering function

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A Brisbane catering business is like any other business, in that like every other business there has to be a small percentage for error.  Even though it seems like caterers perform miracles, we are not, in fact miracle workers.  And just as your electricity goes off sometimes, or you don’t get very good cell phone reception in certain areas or the supermarket is out of your favourite food, Brisbane catering companies can encounter problems if you do not follow all of the correct steps, albeit a small percentage of that happening.

The chances are that your Brisbane catering company encountered ten or more problems during the last function that you attended, but they were both manageable and small enough, plus the catering company were professional enough that it did not show on the outside.  There is an old saying which says “a caterer is like a duck, smooth and graceful on the surface, but paddling like crazy under the surface”.

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There are a few important pieces of information which we ask our clients to provide to us which helps us in the eventuality that something might crop up which we don’t know about.

We ask for three different contact numbers.  If it is six or twelve months out from your wedding and you have locked us in as your Brisbane catering company, it is difficult to see ahead and to know exactly what is going to happen on the day.  If something happens, chef gets lost or traffic accident we need to be able to contact someone.  We don’t want to be phoning the bride, groom during the service and add a memory that should not be there.

Is there parking available on-site?  This sounds like an obvious one, but it is so obvious that it easily gets missed.  We do a lot of Brisbane catering, and if your town is anything like ours then parking can be an absolute nightmare.  Also, a party at a private residence for thirty or more guests, plus a band, plus other entertainment can easily fill the parking spaces up fast.  If possible we try to get our clients to save us a parking space, even it is just for loading and unloading only.

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Are there amenities on-site?  As a Brisbane catering company we are bound by certain health and safety laws in Queensland, such as having running water to wash our hands and many others.  The local caterers in your jurisdiction will also be bound by similar laws and regulations.  If the catering site is remote then your caterer would need to know if there is electricity, running water, toilets, shelter from the elements and more.  All of these potential problems are easily dealt with if your caterer is notified beforehand.

Final numbers and late RSVP.  Final numbers and latecomers are not a problem, as long as the Brisbane catering company is made aware of it.  A simple phone call the day before just to touch base with the caterer is fine.  As a procedure in my own business, we include some extra food at no extra cost to the client.  This is in our costings and we do not inform the client of our intention.  The amount we include extra is dependant on the types of menu and the number of guests.  We do this for a number of reasons, firstly in case of extra numbers.  Secondly we cater extra food in case of any accidents.  As I mentioned before, accidents do happen sometimes and we need to have something up our sleeves.  Lastly, if the correct numbers arrive, there are no accidents then we just provide the client with the extra food and they are always happy.

If you can follow these few simple requests then it could be the difference between a successful Brisbane catering function and a potential disaster.

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