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Eat Ethically

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Eat Ethically

eat ethically

Just a small piece of advice regarding how to eat ethically, which you can give or take at will.  I am an omnivore, I couldn’t be a vegetarian because I love meat too much.  This doesn’t mean that I want animals to suffer cruel and disgusting lives and deaths.  As a family and as part of our business model we decided to eat ethically treated animals when we can.  Through the business was not too hard really, we just jumbled some numbers around and were able to fit the extra costs in.  But as a family on a tight budget (as is everyone else these days) we adopted a simple strategy which I want to convey to you.

If free range and/or organic meat is 25% more expensive, simply eat 25% LESS

It’s not rocket science is it?  Western countries generally eat too much meat on our plate anyway.  This is a way in which you can be both HEALTHIER and more ETHICAL TO ANIMALS.

Eat Ethically

Benefits of free range and/or organic

  1. It is a better product
  2. It is healthier
  3. Less chemicals
  4. Better flavour
  5. Usually locally grown, reared
  6. If you eat less, then it COSTS EXACTLY THE SAME
We managed to do it both as a family and for PURE CATERING and if we can do it, then YOU CAN TOO.

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